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Meet the Team

Nicole Talbot - Business Manager

"We often miss opportunity because it's dressed in overalls and looks like hard work." ― Thomas A. Edison

ROAG is the powerhouse sports administration organisation it is today because of Nicole Talbot's commitment and love for all sports and the outdoors. She candidly admits that ROAG is one of her passions - even her bunny is black and white!

Nicole has an uncanny ability to spot potential. Having just completed her studies at UCT, Nicole was ready for something new and exciting to sink her teeth into. She was then approached to help at a grassroot level to build ROAG up from its infancy to what is now certainly one of the most prominent and efficient sports administration services KwaZulu-Natal, and if Nicole has anything to do with it, in South Africa. She often refers to ROAG as her own child and has loved watching it grow as well as realising her own personal growth within the company.

Nicole is also an avid reader, especially when it comes to National Geographic and loves playing board games and spending time with her family, boyfriend, friends and pets.

Nicole is a committed leader who is fully invested in training and strengthening the core of ROAG:  The Team.  She enjoys any form of sports and 'outdoorsy' activities and has a particular love of the ocean, having spent many of her holidays with family in Mauritius. She is passionate about creating a better lifestyle and environment for all, by treating every living thing with the utmost respect.

Nicole said that when it comes to sport - you name it and she'll do it. Nicole water-skis, runs, cycles, hikes and plays tennis, and admits that she is friendly to everyone she meets in public - just in case they're a ROAG member!

What infuriates Nicole is animal cruelty and environmental destruction. She loves animals, but admits to feeling a certain affinity toward cats.

Though pint size and young, Nicole is very astute and fairly stubborn, and with the combination of many other savvy characteristics, has essentially been one of the major driving forces of ROAG.

Louise Le Noury - Financial Manager

Definitely not your run of the mill number cruncher!

Growing up on the mainland of the Bazaruto Archipelago in Mozambique she developed a taste for learning new things, meeting intriguing people, beautiful scenery and stepping out of her comfort zone. From scuba diving to sky diving, micro-lighting to elephant riding, she has always been on the go… As a child she never asked, "Are we there yet?" but rather, "What are we doing next?"

Louise left Mozambique when she was just 16 and moved to Howick where she finished her HIGCSE and gained valuable work experience.
She later moved to Pietermaritzburg in order to concentrate on her studies and further her career in accounting. This was when she heard about the up-and-coming, proudly Pietermaritzburg company, ROAG and came on board as the Finance Manager.  
It was an opportunity not to be missed.

With Louise's dedication, determination and passion for accounting and the exciting work environment ROAG had to offer; where each day is different and there is always something new and interesting going on, it was a perfect fit. Louise has been a part of the ROAG team ever since and continues to enjoy meeting interesting people, visiting beautiful places and learning new things with ROAG.

The only thing is, we haven't been able to convert her to an MTB addict just yet! We are working on it though, so keep an eye out on the single track…you just might meet her there!

Caitlin Canton - Corporate Relations Manager

As newest addition to the ROAG team, Caitlin has come on board as the Corporate Relations Manager.

The former news reporter is originally from the small farming town of Underberg in the southern Drakensberg, but spent her schooling and varsity years in Pietermaritzburg - a place she now calls home.

Caitlin said that although she still loves to write or curl up with a good book, she also enjoys being out-and-about - whether it be socialising, walking trails or just being outdoors. Caitlin said she has itchy feet after she spent two years overseas working and travelling, spending time in places such as the United States, Australia and Europe. Her next adventure, she said, will either be a trip through Africa, a skiing trip or to re-visit her favourite city, New York City.

Caitlin said she is fascinated by people and all their quirks, so enjoys spending time with and learning from people from all facets of life.

Caitlin said her greatest fear is that of crustaceans and their "judgmental eyes."


This synergetic team utilises all the skills of each team member to ensure events are not only executed to perfection, but to maintain relationships with those who make it possible for ROAG to be the dynamic organisation it is today.