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Juicy Lucy Classic 2010

vendredi 26 février 2016

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WOW!!! What a turnaround from last year. The 2010 edition of the Juicy Lucy Classic was, according to Brett Austen Smith, "the first race I have ever been involved in where there were zero problems. Everything ran perfectly on the day." A huge field of nearly 1500 happy mountain bikers and runners attended this awesome event.

At this time last year, ROAG was brand new and were implementing the Mr. Price timing chips for the first time, admin was chaotic! And on top of this, the weather was terrible - freezing cold with a huge thunderstorm at prize giving time. But, as Austen Smith said, "2010 brought perfect weather, flawless registration and a new event in the trail run". The Mid Illovo community really worked hard on the course and venue. Words like "manicured" and "sublime" were the order of the day in describing the course and the hospitality was out of this world.

Well done to Andrew Warr and Jean Hackland for winning the mens and ladies divisions in the 40km, and to Iain Don-Wauchope and Sara Grey (nee Scott) for winning the Husqvarna 18km and 8km trail run. Let's hope this sport gets more popular as the consistency of events picks up.

A feature of this race is always the prizes and goodies for everybody. T-shirts, medals, great prize money, exciting goodie bag and loads of Ola Milky Lane prizes and ice creams for the kiddies 10km ride. Absolutely unbeatable value for money!! Huge thanks are in order to the sponsors who make this event possible. Husqvarna, Dowmont Snacks, Gwahumbe, Ola Milky Lane, Team Clothing and the title and main sponsor - Juicy Lucy. Please support these companies that support you! A BIGGG thank you to everybody that attended and contributed to the success. See you next year?? PS - watch out for the TV coverage on Supersport soon.

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Zelda Visagie
The inaugural Juicy Lucy (18km)was my first MTB race ever. The following year I was back to do the 40km. Despite all the perceived problems and wacky weather (never been so cold in my life after waiting at the finish for my husband who had the car keys and access to dry clothing etc) it featured as my favourite race in 2009. Due to illness and lack of fitness I did the 18km again this year - another wow moment. I will NEVER miss a Juicy Lucy as long as it is on the calendar. Long may it continue....

The 18km race was great - I am one of the back marker riders (brake on the down hills and chat to all and sundry). Only complaint was that the finish line where the 10km riders were finishing and ambling all over the finish and the first riders in the 18km came in - unfortunately my son crashed right at the end trying to avoid slow 10km riders (and hit the wooden poles separating the finish - luckily he has recovered from his injuries but with the speed that the front riders go, it could have been a really nasty accident). For future races something should be done to avoid this as lots of 10km riders are not experienced or in control of their bikes to be aware of faster riders going past them. Wonderful to arrive at races and have registration process a breeze and for that reason enjoy it when Roag are in charge

My hubby and i did the juicy Lucy classic. and we loved it. lots of water point really makes for a good ride. the track was fantastic. and the best part is getting a bag of goodies before the race.thanks guys for this one we'll be back next year

Russell Smith
Great track, in fact one of my favourites. I did the 40km Classic and loved it, because it is fast and flowing, with just enough technical stuff and climbs thrown in for good measure. I will definitely be back next year and will try not to puncture as many times as I did this year!