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Safire Insurance Super Classic

vendredi 26 février 2016

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With a new start area for the 2010 SAFIRE Super Classic, this saw riders starting on the main field which allowed for the spectators to see all the top guys lined up.

 The 45km event started at pace which saw small groups forming along the road section. One the riders hit the first climb of the day the race split up. The more in-form riders managed to ride away from the chasers which left them out front to tackle the Dam Wall crossing as well as the 8.2km NCT River Trail.

 The top 3 riders managed to chase each other around the 45km course in a little over 1h50 and ending up in a sprint it was Brendan Davids who piped it from Craig Paul and Andrew Warr.

 The 25km event started at a similar pace but was on a more chilled route. This gave the TV crew a chance to interview a few riders in action. The 25km race was eventually won by Per Lofstrand followed closely by Kevin Leveridge and Norman Hatherly.

 The 10km event saw riders starting at a much easier pace. The water table was stocked with plenty chocolates and sweets as well as cold drinks for all the kids. Fun was defiantly had by all 10km riders.

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