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Umko Valley MTB Challenge

[image] vendredi 26 février 2016

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As the chaos around the inaugural Umko Valley MTB Challenge winds down, it has left us with all sorts of memories which we'll certainly never forget. From what was small talk around the fire has now been generated into something which we can officially confirm will be an annual event. With a final field of around 470 riders we were very impressed with the turn out as there was another race on the same day, so a HUGE thanks to all of you that had the courage to come and conquer the mighty Umkomaas Valley. A huge thank you to Roag for such a slick job. They are certainly leaders in their field and the Umko Valley MTB Challenge look forward to working with them going into the future. Thank you to everyone for all their constructive criticism on the day, we are always open to it and value it very much. I can't help but thank our title sponsor, North Safety Products. Their CEO, Craig Garvie got on board with us early and never held back, his dynamic approach towards marketing his ever strengthening brands showed on the day and we have already had some interesting chats about where we see our brand going. So again to Craig and his team, a huge thanks from all of us I'm sure. Finally, well done to all our prize winners on the day. To Justin Porteous and Kristy Glass, well done for your wins on our 45km route. We look forward to having you guys back next year to try and defend your title's. Well I'm off to get started on a very special event we have planned for May 2011, so again a huge thank you to all of you for your involvement and we look forward to seeing you again next year at a much bigger and better Umko Valley MTB Challenge.

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malcolm kohrs
Thanks for a great race enjoyed and a great track should be there next year.
Do you have photos of race?

Are there any photos?

Ryan Hillary
To all concerned, we have had a few difficulties getting our pics up on our site(www.umkovalleychallenge.co.za).We are doing our best to have them up by this afternoon. Will keep you posted. Our apologies for this delay. The pics are great though!!!!

Zelda Schonken
It was a fantastic race although I would like the racing snakes and the tortoises to be respected equally. When I finished I could hardly ride through the finish as people occupied that space and I had to find the lady to scan my time. I know that I am not a wonderful cyclist, but I pay the entry none the less.

Ryan Hillary
Zelda - Thank you for informing us of this. It is certainly something that we will iron out for next year. All our participants are important to us and your views are very valuable. Thanks again, and we hope to see you next year at a bigger and better Umko Valley MTB Challenge.

Nic - You may have seen on Roag Home Page that we've had some unforeseen problems in getting the pics up. Our IT guys are working on it and they will be up very shortly on our website www.umkovalleychallenge.co.za. Thanks for the great comment, we were very happy with our inaugural event and can promise a much more improved track and event as a whole for 4 September 2011. We look forward to having you back.

I thoroughly enjoyed my first MTB race / fun ride and couldn't have thought of better surroundings to have been initiated in. Can't wait for the same event next year ... may even do the 25km!

Ryan, you have a great place down in the valley!

still no pics?

An absolutely awesome race! Will definately be there next year. However, where the pics?

Grant Wade
Where can we obtain our race number from to search the photos. My roag number brings up no images.

Clint Lottering
Awesome race, will without a doubt do it again next year!

Clint Lottering
Awesome race, will without a doubt do it again next year!